Saturday, July 17, 2010

More children's book

The Miserable Moon
Author:  Wong Ching Hsia,  Illustrated by Tan Vay Fern

Mr Moon is miserable because he has no one to play with when everyone goes to sleep at night. Read more to find out how Mr Moon overcame his loneliness with a little help from some friends! Parents will love this book for its colourful illustrations and nibblets of ‘Fun Facts'. A perfect little gift for children who like to learn new things!

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2. The Ugly Green Umbrella
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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Rock n Roll Journal.

28 Hari: Jurnal Rock N Roll by Mohd Jayzuan

Tahun lepas, 23 Jun 2009, saya memulakan kembara selama 28 hari menggelilingi Semenanjung Malaysia. Tak berduit, jiwa kalut dan otak berserabut.
Tahun ini, 23 Jun 2010, saya ada buku bertajuk '28 Hari: Jurnal Rock n' Roll' yang mengisahkan tentang kembara tersebut. Alhamdulillah, berduit, jiwa tak bergelora dan otak tenang.

What others say:

Satu garapan segar dari angkatan bakat muda masakini -- Tembakau (cartoonist)

Absorbs all his knowledge like a sponge and indirectly squeezes our all his wisdom for us to read. This is genuine writing, a soul speaks out for a soul -- Natasha Hudson (Actress and model).

Jay mesti terus menulis, sehinggalah gagal sebagai penulis! -- Rahmat Haron (poet)

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