Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fiction, humour

Confessions of an Old Boy by Kam Raslan (RM 32.00)

We have been waiting for this book for a a while. We have not had time to read it yet, so here is the blurb from the back page:

Dato' Hamid - The Old Boy and civil servant who's been everywhere and seen it all (even though he never wanted to). Here he 'spills the beans' on his adventures dating back to the 1940s, from Kuala Lumpur to Monte Carlo, Los Angeles to Algiers, London to Temerloh Rest House and much more. Along the way, Dato' Hamid tussles with a beautiful seductress-cum diamond thief; is corrupted by a ruthlessly ambitious banker; and help solve the murder of a billionaire businessman. And all the time he wishes he were back at home tending his orchids and nursing his favourite cognac.

Shameless, exciting and funny, Dato' Hamid's life and adventures chart the financial, political and amorous relationships that have made Malaysia what it is today.

You'll never meet anyone quite like Dato' Hamid, but You'll know him.

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