Monday, October 15, 2007

History, Society

KinabaluEast of Kinabalu by Leslie Davidson (RM 30.00)

Datuk Leslie Davidson, one of the giants of the oil palm industry in the second half of the twentieth century is the best known for his leading role in introducing to S.E. Asia the pollinating weevil. This has saved the industry millions of dollars annually in assisted pollination.

He was also responsible in the 1960's for bringing oil palm to Sabah on a commercial scale, opening up Tungud Estate for Unilever on what was then the remote east coast.

This volume relates his pioneering experiences in the development. Davidson's account contains episodes which are by turn hilarious, deeply moving, and important from both historical and literary points of view. They also attest to his leadership in creating out of a disparate range of races and religions, a stable and harmonious estate community.

The book vividly captures the atmosphere of Sabah before and immediately after it became part of Malaysia.


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I recently returned from a visit to
    Borneo (SABAH)and would love to read the book by Datuk Davidson, East of Kinebalu.
    How can I obtain it ? I live in California

  2. Please email us at and we shall tell you the cost of getting the book to California.