Tuesday, January 01, 2008


ChronicleChronicle of Malaysia (1957-2007): Fifty Years of Headline News (RM 120.00, DVD included)

The Chronicle of Malaysia
is the Story of Malaysia from January 1957 to 31st August 2007, a vivid, eyewitness account of major news events over the last 50 years. The book gives a grandstand view of events as they unfolded -- the raising of the Malayan flag, the Emergency, the formation of Malaysia, Confrontation, the 1969 riots, political upheavals, financial crisis, judicial landmarks, great sporting moments, cultural delights -- and quirky aspects of daily life
that just happened to make the news. It is history made alive.

Along with the year-by-year review of major news stories from Peninsula, Singapore (from 1963 to 1965) and the Borneo states, there is also a timeline of international events, including developments in other parts of the region.

The Chronicle of Malaysia begins with an Introduction by historian Cheah Boon Kheng who gives a short but authoritative history of the Malay lands from early times to Independence. This is proceeded by a brief Foreword by Tun Mohamed Hanif Omar, a former (and the longest-serving) Inspector General of Police, who puts the whole story into perspective.

The news is interspersed with inimitable cartoons by Lat that have appeared in books and newspapers over the past three decades as well as new drawings specially commissioned.

Research sources for this book included Malaysian newspapers from all the language streams. Foreign publications provided another angle. Photographs, too, came from a variety of archives and greatly enlivened the 'slice of life' that the book provides.

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