Monday, April 05, 2010

God of the Earth

God of the Earth by Ho Thean Fook -- The Perak Academay (RM30.00)

Ho Thean Fook portrays Malaya at the beginning of the 20th century through the eyes of his grandfather as a child. This book is about the experiences of Pak Foo, a boy growing up in Papan, a small mining town in Perak. For Pak Foo there are fighting spiders and crickets to catch, Chinese classes to attend, 'wild rat' mines and wooden dredges to explore, weddings and festivals to celebrate, and ghosts and a monster serpent to encounter. Under the author's magical touch, the people of Papan spring to life, drawn in all their ordinariness and in vivid colours. These are tales about squatters, rich towkays, beggers, school teachers and matchmakers.

Other new Malaysian titles:

1.Great-Grandma's Hair Loss Remedy by Rebecca Lok (RM22.0)
2.The Ecokids and the Wasteful Water Worry by Fay Khoo & Asha Gill (RM10.00)
3. The Ecokids and the Gas Guzzler Gaffes by Fay Khoo & Asha Gill (RM10.00)
4. The Ecokids and the Plastic Bag Pickle by Fay Khoo & Asha Gill (RM10.00)

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