Friday, September 17, 2010

Silverfish Pulp Fiction

21 Immortals21 Immortals: Inspector Mislan and the Yee Sang Murders 
Rozlan Mohd Noor

21 Immortals: Inspector Mislan and the Yee Sang Murders is an explosive debut from the quietly talented Rozlan Mohd Noor, an ex-police officer, which explains why he knows so much about police work and inside stories. This is a true Malaysian high-tech crime thriller with good cops, bad cops (and badder cops) and triad members, with insights into the workings of the local CSI, and forays into the world of hackers and their viruses, sleeper programs, trojans, ulat, spybots, hound dogs and their link to crime, including murder.

"Look, I don't care what happened in ninety-five. I have a murder to solve. Right now, you and Fatty Mah have motives. Maybe you and Fatty didn't do it. Maybe the two of you did, or contracted it out. Either way, I'm going to find out," the inspector says firmly, having reached the limit of his patience, annoyed with Four Finger's attitude.

"You have a hearing problem, meh? I told you it's not our style. We don't do families and children," Four Finger Loo replies, equally irritated.

"As you said, that was how it used to be, but not anymore. Maybe, you used non-triad methods to throw us off the track. How's that for a theory? To me, payback is a damn good motive to kill," Mislan replies, watching the retired Tiger General's face closely for giveaways signs.

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