Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stories of Lies, Loves and Lives

The Female Cell by Rumaizah Abu Bakar (Silverfish Books) RM30.00

20 stories (all previously unpublished) by Rumaizah Abu Bakar in her first book that display an acute sense of observation, with humour and irony but without prejudice or pandering, in minimalist sketches with an uncanny knack for suggesting danger in even the most mundane. If you have read her initial works in the News From Home anthology, see how she has matured.

Rumaizah's stories are unpretentious and delightful. These short vignettes of human emotions and interactions are perfect for that rainy afternoon, accompanied by tea and biscuits. These stories have light in them.
-- Dina Zaman, author of I am Muslim --

Whether she is describing the kaleidoscopic panorama of Kuala Lumpur, or the prickly solitude of a traveller in Turkey, Rumaizah demonstrates a generous capacity for observation. A quietly assured debut collection.
-- Alfian Sa'at, writer, poet and playwright --

More new Malaysian on the shelf

1. Kougar by Shaz Johar (RM20.00)
2. Pecah by Khairulnizam (RM20.00)
3. Cekik by Ridhwan Saidi (RM18.00)
4. The Lion City by Mohamad Salmi (RM12.90)
5. the Legend of the Two Princesses by Mohamad Salmi (RM12.90)
6. The Curse of Mahsuri by Mohamad Salmi (RM12.90)
7. Understanding Dewan Bahasa by Deboraqh loh & jaquueline Ann Surin (RM95.00)
8. Miyah and the Forest Demon by Tutu Dutta-Yean (RM19.90)
9. Reformasi Pembiayaan Politik by TRansparency International (RM30.00)
10. Minda Tertawan by Raja Ahmad Aminillah (RM23.00)
11. Did it Really Happen by Shaari Isa (RM 29.90)