Thursday, December 01, 2011

Children's art

The Malaysian Art Book for Children by Rahel Joseph & Jo Kukathas (RM 64.95)

Can a washing line be considered art? Why did Ibrahim Hussein paint a portraits of his father with an astronaut? What are Yee I-Lann's kerbau staring at? Where is everyone going in Wong Hoy Cheong's Boats? Why does Syed Ahmad Jamal portray Gunung Ledang as a blue and green triangle?

The Malaysian Art Book for Children features some of Malaysia's most exciting artists and is a perfect introduction for all those encountering Malaysian contemporary art for the first time.

Written in a fun and accessible way, the book has been designed to encourage creativity and critical thinking in children, through the fascinating world of art. Ideal for use at home or in the classroom, the book also includes suggested activities that children could do on their own or with the supervision of a parent or teacher.

For children of all ages from here, there and everywhere.

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