Monday, October 01, 2012

One more from Inspector Mislan

UTube: Inspector Mislan and the UTube Serial Rapes by Rozlan Mohd Noor
Genre: Fiction, crime, homophobia
Publisher: Silverfish Books
Price: RM35.00

Release date: 16 October 2012

A synopsis

UTube imgAfter four rapes (video recordings of which are posted on the internet), one suicide and one bloody murder, Inspector Mislan is convinced that something more sinister is afoot; all the victims are gay.
“There’s nothing to indicate that these were crimes of lust, or opportunity. The vics were meticulously selected, possibly monitored for days, weeks, even months, before they were raped.” He shakes his head, “These were definitely not one-man jobs. And, I won’t be surprised, if they have a list of potential vics identified.”
But he’s not ready for where it leads:
“... We also know that there are, at least, two rape teams using the same modus operandi. There could be more out there, waiting for a signal from their controllers, like suicide-bomber squads waiting in their cells, brainwashed and manipulated into blowing themselves up along with innocent bystanders for the ‘cause’, whatever that may be. These are simple-minded men and women who do not have the money to finance, nor the mental capacity to plan the crimes.”
Or what he uncovers:
The suspect shakes his head wildly and screams, “Pergi jahanam kamu, pemusnah bangsa, penderhaka agama. You will both rot in hell ... How dare you call yourselves Muslim? It’s people like you, and those deviants, who defile our religion. Kufur! Kufur! Lesbian lovers, infidels …”
Mislan watches in disbelief, as the suspect yanks at the handcuffs, trying to break loose, wailing and cursing. Lighting a cigarette, he thinks: Shit, this guy is mad. He’s willing to break his damned hand …
He scares himself with his conclusions. Throughout history men have controlled ‘wayward’ women with terror: beatings them into submission, disfiguring their faces with acid, murdering them in the name of honour, and worse. Now, a group of fundamentalists have decided on the 'final solution' to the ‘gay problem’ with the ultimate hate crime..
Mislan says, “… the username, Emancipatist suggests a person out to free others, a liberator. I put that together with the anti-LGBT movement … and it adds up to a hate crime.”
The two women stare at him.
“To be specific; corrective rape,” he whispers, as if the term is taboo.
And he is not ready for how high up it goes:
“The unknown suspect that you’re looking for is a man or a woman of influence, could even be a man, or woman, of power. He or she is patient, and extremely devoted to his or her faith and cause.” She (Dr Suthisa) pauses to light a cigarette. “This idea of emancipating non-conformists is common in Christianity, Islam and Judaism, but less in polytheist religions, though it’s not unknown. Since your victims are all Muslim women, I’d say the person you’re looking for is also Muslim.”
And so is unleashed another wave of terror, compared to which murder and mayhem are merciful for the victims no longer suffer, and survivors get on with their lives. Corrective rapes, with videos of it on UTube, will haunt them throughout their lives.