Monday, October 09, 2006

Anthroplogy - English

Orang Asli Women of Malaysia by Adela Baer, Karen Endicott, Rosemary Gianno, Signe Howell, Barbara S Nowak and Cornelia van der Sluys (RM 20.00)

Orang Asli women once had important responsibilities and functions that are now labeled "male-only." This discrimination spread throughout Orang Asli society during the last few centuries as Orang Asli came into contact with male-dominated cultures and internalized these alien norms for gender roles. It is the stealthy, relentless erosion of Orang Asli life in general, and the life of Orang Asli women in particular, that provides a true account of the problems of Orang Asli life today. The views of a variety of writers on Orang Asli women are presented in this book. From these writings, and also from what Orang Asli women themselves have to said, we can explore key features of Orang Asli women's lives in the past, the present, and what this means for the future.

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