Thursday, August 16, 2007


Jolly KohArtistic Imperatives: Selected Writings and Paintings by Jolly Koh (RM 80.00)

Dr Jolly Koh studied painting at Hornsey College of Art, London and art education at the Institute of Education, London University. In 1970 he was awarded the Fulbright scholarship and completed the Doctor of Education degree at Indiana University.

The collection of essays in this book represents the sharp and creative mind of one of Malaysia's most outstanding artists. Especially original is his essay "A New Study of Colour for artists and other Visual Designers" which is unique in the world and should rival Itten's work on colour.

The collection of essays and the book itself also represents a rare phenomenon in Malaysia for three reasons. First, Jolly Koh is the only Malaysian artist who has published on theoretical issues. Second, this is one of the very few books about Malaysian art in contrast to the many catalogues. And third, this is the first book of tis kind that comprises both
artist's paintings and writings.

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