Saturday, September 01, 2007

New Books - History

WhiteLilyMalaysian Heritage series:

This is a new series on Malaysian history (many of them on East Malaysia). The 12-volume series comprises of:

This is a new series by the Synergy Media (a wing of SA Majid). The first lot is a release of 12 out of print Malaysian (or Malayan titles) titles although the authenticity of the original print dates quoted in the book is rather questionable. For example J Kennedy's History of Malaya is 1963 book although the copyright page has a nineteenth century date on it. This brings up another issue: this particular book is available online from Sage Journals as PDF download for a fee. So who owns the copyright and has this been resolved before publication of the current series? (I have not checked the other titles.)

Notwithstanding the above we are glad that an attempt is being made to publish these classics. Many of them are on East malaysia and are well worth acquiring (for collecting if nothing else). The quality is not brilliant but that can be forgiven because the prices are affordable. The text and the illustrations appear to be have been reproduced in toto so that should be okay too.)

River of the White Lily: Life in Sarawak by Peter Goulart - RM29.90

Escape from Hell: The Sandakan Story by Walter Wallace (1958) - RM29.90

Labuan Story: Memoirs of a Small Island near the Coast of North Borneo by Maxwell Hall - RM29.90

Records & Recollections 1889-1934 by J.H.M. Robson (1870) - RM29.90

The Story of Malaysia by Harry Miller (1914) - RM39.90

6. Expedition to Borneo: The search for Proboscis monkeys and other creatures by David Macdonald - RM39.90

Under Chartered Company Rule: North Borneo 1881-1946 by K.G. Tregonning - RM39.90

8. History of Malaya by J. Kennedy (1919) - RM59.90

The White Rajahs by Steven Runciman (1903) - RM59.90

World Within: A Borneo Story by Tom Harrisson - RM59.90

A History of Sarawak under its Two White Rajahs 1839-1908 by S. Baring-Gould and C.A. Bampfylde - RM69.90

Rajahs and Rebels: The Ibans of Sarawak under Brooke Rule, 1841-1941 by Robert Pringle (1936) - RM69.90


  1. saw these for the first time in kino yesterday and desperately want the whole set!!!! will be collecting them one by one though i suppose as finances allow

  2. robert pringle2:07 AM

    There seems to be piracy going on. I am the author of "Rajahs and Rebels," I hold the copyright, I have not authorized any reprint, nor have I been contacted to do so.

    Robert Pringle

  3. robert pringle5:28 AM

    Why Piracy is Bad.

    The publisher of the Malaysian Heritage Series did not get permission from anyone before reprinting my book, Rajahs and Rebels: The Ibans of Sarawak under Brooke Rule. This is unfortunate because I am in the process of arranging a legal reprint, with a Malaysian publisher, which will include a badly-needed new introduction commenting on the implications of this history in the light of what has happened since 1970, when it was published, and also correcting some errors in the first edition. That endeavor will obviously be complicated by the existence of this illegal edition which will inevitably reduce the prospect of further sales, even for a better product. No reputable bookstore should be selling this book. I cannot speak for other titles in the series. Robert Pringle (author)

  4. I was quite excited to see this in the book stores in Kuching, but after reading Robert Pringle's comment, I guess I won't until more details are available. WTF, dude.

  5. Silverfish Books will remove Robert Pringle's book,Rajahs and Rebels, from the shelves immediately. We shall wait for his updated new edition.