Friday, September 28, 2007

Calendar 2008:

Calendar 2008:The Deaf Art project

CalendarThis beautiful 16 inch by 16 inch DEAF Art Wall calendar for 2008 is now available at Silverfish Books. Consisting of reprints of 12 original paintings and displaying the artistic talents of 6 deaf artists in the country, the calendar is priced at PM30.00. Silverfish believes that the Mission deserves our support for their work so that we can all, in a small way, make a difference in the lives of the deaf in this country.

In the words of the Mission, the calendar is unique in that it also incorporates some uniqueness of their language.

One of the visions of the Mission is to make a difference in the livelihood of deaf persons.

The Mission aims to:

Provide Career and Business Opportunities for the Deaf
Set up future businesses to be managed by the Deaf
Consultancy and Training for the Deaf
Community Awareness Projects
Sign Language Interpreting Services
Skill Enhancement Workshops for Sign
Language Interpreters

Sign Language Courses
Form a Network with Employers who have hired Deaf Employees
Encourage Employers to hire Deaf persons
Provide Employers with assistance on guidelines for interviewing and working with Deaf persons
Deaf Studies

Silverfish Books is happy to work with the mission on this project. Proceeds from the sale of the calendar 2008 will, of course, go to RC Deaf Missions Malaysia in support of their work with the deaf in the country.

Please visit their website: for more information or to pledge support.

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  1. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Dear Mr Raman, I would like to record a word of thanks and sincere appreciation on behalf of RC Deaf Mission for your continuous support in promoting the Deaf Art calendar to your clients and various readers.