Sunday, January 31, 2010

The good old days

KirkbyKirkby: The Life and the Loves by Shaari Isa -- The Right Connections (2009) -- RM29.90

As the title suggests, this novel tells the story of the life at Kirkby College, a college established by the Federation of Malaya to train its teachers in England from 1952 to 1962. In this sense the College is unique in the annals of educational history.

This novel is a work of fiction set within the framework of facts which are described in great details. It is a fascinating story of the loves and conflicts weaved within the life of the students in the College who lived within an island of diverse Malayan cultures surrounded by the sea of British life.

The book is also a historical document because it describes the curricular and extra curricular activities, also the actual staff and physical facilities of the College at the time.

Dr. Shaari has an educational background having been trained as a teacher at Kirkby then went on to become a professional accountant. He has written several novels and a set of short stories in Malay and several academic books on accounting mainly in English.

Like all of Shaari's creative works, this novel focuses on human relation in society. It portrays that human emotion and life cut across all cultures, races and boundaries.

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