Friday, January 01, 2010

Islamic Architecture in Malaysia

Rethinking Islamic Architecture by Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad Rasdi (RM 30.00)

Islamic architecture has never undergone a sustained period of self-criticism and creative renewal. Arguing in favour of a return to humility, humanism and the eternal values of Islam, the author shows a way out of the impasse in Islamic architecture by a close reading of the Islamic sources in tandem with a re-examination of the work of visionary Western modernists.

Professor Tajuddin also restores the importance of appreciating the integrity and sustainable design and technologies of Southeast Asian Islamic architecture as well as such postcolonial designs such as the National Mosque, the brilliant use of vernacular design in the Amanah Saham Pahang mosques and an organic, community-centred Islamic mosque-complex in Kota Baru -- all in Malaysia. Rethinking Islamic
Architecture challenges clients, architects, student and the general reader alike to rethink their assumptions and practices, and open their minds to a wealth of less explored possibilities.

This provocative yet accessible book should be read by anyone concerned about the need to restore sustainable human-centred design and shared value to contemporary cities.

Other Malaysian titles:

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