Monday, February 07, 2011

Fluid World

Fluid World by Yee I-Lann -- Rogue Art (RM120.00)

Born in Sabah in 1971, Malaysian artist Yee I-Lann has gained recognition both locally and internationally for her distinctive work as a multi-disciplinary artist, and the stories her art has to tell about Malaysia, Southeast Asia and the cross-cultural nature of the world we all inhabit. Her practice seeks resonances across history, landscape, memory and cultural identity. Her visual vocabulary is extensive—drawn from historical references, popular culture, urban landscapes, archives and everyday objects. Working primarily with photographic media, she handles this vocabulary with deft virtuosity, creating work that is at once poignant, poetic, humorous and engaged.

Fluid World seeks to chart the development of this artist’s practice over the past fifteen years of her career, documenting major works and series of works across this period, while exploring the context of the medium and the subject matter the artist engages with. It weaves together the compelling narratives she has constructed into a larger pictorial story, offering insight into her processes, thinking and research through artist statements and notes.

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