Friday, March 04, 2011

Readings from readings

Readings from Readings by Bernice Chauley and Sharon Bakar (eds) -- Word Works (RM29.90)

An indonesian man is swept out to sea by the tsunami and encounters a floating tree filled with naked girls; a cat is successful in his application to become head of a government department; and a senior demon writes a progress report for his master on the state of the country. Elsewhere, characters struggle to make sense of mysterious events: a hungry student finds a clutch of eggs left on the doorstep; a child receives paintings of herself on her birthday each year from her absent father; an elderly uncfle claims the moon-shaped scars on his ear lobes are of supernatural provenance. There are pieces here about longing and loss, quilt and betrayal, and the struggle to stay afloat in difficult relationships. Anf of course about how it feels to return home.

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1. March 8 -- Time for real change -- Kee Thuan Chye (RM39.90)
2. Memoir Tragedi Memali -- Riduan Mohammad Nor, CN Afghani (RM20.00)
3. malaysian Studies -- Abdul Rahman Embong ((RM30.00)
4. The history of the Quranic text -- MM Al Azami (RM69.00)
5. Quranic Exegisis -- Rashid Ahmad Jullundhry (RM29.00)
6. Islamic Thought and Life -- Seyyed Hossein nasr (RM39.00)
7. Perspective Perlembagaan -- Abdul Aziz Bari (RM40.00)
9. Punggok Rindukkan Bulan (DVD) -- (RM20.00)